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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 15, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, a search under way after an alligator drags a 2-year-old in the boy at disney world's grand floridian. >> we're trying to locate the child and trap the alligator. >> his horrified parents witnessing the attack and the father runs in trying to save his son. helicopter and dive teams join the search. >> major questions in the orlando terror attack. the gunman's wife now under vision. officials saying she went with him to buy ammo and even to that nightclub. what she's telling authorities about her husband and the shooting as we learn more about the killer's secret life. the terror threat at home sparks an all-out political war. donald trump fires back after the president's toughest attack yet. >> so there's no magic to the phrase "radical isla
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it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. >> the republican candidate's blistering response overnight. >> he was more angry at me than he was at the shooter. and new numbers this morning. do they spell trouble for trump? and good morning, america. a lot of breaking news overnight. starting with that shock we woke up to. >> it is certainly a shocking horrible story, massive search under way right now for a 2-year-old boy grabbed by an alligator. his father desperately trying to rescue him. >> of course, that happened at one of the most popular resorts in america, disney world's grand floridian. you see it there and lauren lyster has the late effort. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning authorities scouring a lagoon using choppers and sonar equipment searching for any signs of that missing child here at a
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resort. we're told that boy waded into water a foot deep when the alligator snatched him. a search under way for the 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator while wading in a lake at this disney world resort overnight. >> the gator swam away with the child. >> reporter: the father of the boy wrestling the gator to try to free his son. >> at some point he did actually wrestle with the gator to try to recover his son. >> reporter: this morning at least 50 emergency personnel on the scene hunting for any sign of the toddler who was on the third day of a summer vacation visiting from nebraska with his parents and siblings. at 9:16 the first emergency call came in from the grand floridian resort. an upscale resort which sits on the man-made seven seas lagoon. boy wading in ankle deep water. his father nearby. suddenly an alligator between four and seven feet swiped the toddler. the father ran into the water struggling to pry the boy from the gator's
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also ran into the water to try to help. the parents alerting a lifeguard on duty but nothing could be done. deputies closing off the area with crime scene tape, helicopters, dive teams and alligator trapper on scene. >> we're putting every effort into locating the child and trapping this alligator. >> reporter: according to several witnesses the family had set up a baby pen about 0 to 30 yards from the water on the sand during the hotel's movie night. the beach had clearly marked no swimming signs but no alligator warnings. the sheriff's office said there had been no reports of any alligator nuisance but just how many are located in the lagoon is still being investigated. walt disney world expressing their condolences to the family. >> everyone here at the walt disney world resort is devastated by this tragic accident. our thoughts are with the family. we are helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement. >> reporter: and police say they've already taken
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gators out of that lagoon but no far no sign of the missing child. george. >> thanks, lauren. let's get more from jeff williamson of the orange county sheriff's office. mr. williamson, thanks for joining us. such a shocking story to awful us. what's the latest on the search? >> well, last night we had multiple boats out here, the orange county sheriff's office with the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission had three boats on the water. we also had a number of deputies that remained on site. the orange county sheriff's office dive team is here. they are pretty much suited up and ready to go should there be a discovery of any kind. trappers were in the water commissioned by the florida fish and wildlife commission. they were able to catch and capture a number of gators, examined them to see if they could find anything in regards to the search but so far they've come up with nothing. so right now this remains a search and rescue operation. we're going to continue to stay out here fresh eyes on the water, some fresh
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from the orange county sheriff's office so hopefully we'll be able to find something today but for now we continue with the search and rescue operation. >> take us back to the moment when this all began. this was shortly after 9:00 p.m. last night. what else have you been able to piece together about exactly what happened? >> right after 9:00 i think it was closer around 9:30 or so we received a 911 call, well, the fire improvement district which services disney received a 911 emergency call. the father said his son had been grabbed by a gator on the beach area just outside of this particular resort. the gator was able to grab the child. the father ran over, tried to rescue the child. wrestled the child from the gator to no avail. the gator swam out into the water and has not been located. immediately disney boats were in the water, also boats were in the water from fish and wildlife and the orange county sheriff's office and put helicopters in the air
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team on standby and very vigorous search took place last night. we had grief counselors and victim advocates in with the parents and the family because as you know it's a very traumatic incident, so we've done everything that we can to, you know, bring some comfort to the family and let them know we're doing everything we can but we've had multiple persons in the water. multiple persons searching and it's just 50 or so people have been out since the beginning of this incident, episode and more will be coming out here fresh eyes to take another look this morning. >> i can't even imagine what those parents went through. the father actually went into the water to wrestle with the alligator and the pore went in, as well. >> the father heard some sort of a splash. didn't know what going on, looked over and ran over to try to give aid, to try to wrestle the child from the alligator and was unsuccessful so i can only imagine, i'm with you on that one, george. i can
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must have been going through to try to wrestle this child, his child, his 2-year-old child from this alligator to no avail only to see the gator take off with the child into the water. just a horrific, horrific incident. in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's just a terrible incident. we're doing everything we can, however, to try and locate this gator, this child and to also bring as much comfort as we can, i don't know how much that is, as much as we can to the family. >> hard to imagine any possible comfort in these moments. you know, the signs say -- we've been to those resorts and know the pond is marked with no swimming signs but have you had any problem with gators recently? >> historically my understanding is there have been no complaints of gators they can be a nuisance. no nuisance complaint, no attack complaint, nothing whatsoever in the area so it really is as if this is a
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that took place. no history of this at this location so nothing. it's just, you know, a child playing in a foot of water or so just barely in -- on the edges of the water and up pops this gator. so no history, no, none whatsoever. >> my goodness, well, we know you are on it this morning, mr. williamson. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> boy, this one hits so close to home. as many of you know disney is the parent company of abc news and we aour hearts go out to th boy's family and everyone involved. >> we have shared time there. >> it seems so familiar. >> i have pictures of my children on that beach from just last year. >> that's the last thing you were thinking about when you're at the resort so our hears and sympathies and prayers with the family. >> our deepest sympathy. this hits you in the gut and stays with you and we'll have more in the next half hour. but that other unimaginable st
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orlando now talking about the gunman's wife. she is now under the microscope in that terror investigation. they are grilling her about what she may have known ahead of the shooting and questions this morning now about whether she will face charges. abc's pierre thomas has the very latest also from orlando. good morning to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. today the killer's wife fines h herself in the crosshairs of a sweeping fbi investigation. what did she know and when did she know it? the focus of the fbi probe whether noor salman had direct knowledge her husband was planning mass murder. >> they just spoke to her. i will leave it at that ant don't want to talk about anything. >> reporter: salman apparently cooperating finally agreeing to answer questions after investigators showed her among other things closed circuit tv footage of her and husband at various locations in orlando. fbi agents are trying to determine if they were scouting possible targets. after she started answering questions, agents gave
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polygraph test. law enforcement sources say that prior to the attack, noor salman allegedly went with her husband to buy ammo and recently had gone to the pulse nightclub with him at least once. abc news has learned salman allegedly suggested to the fbi she tried to talk her husband out of harming anyone but it's unclear whether she knew or believed an attack was imminent. overnight the fbi went to salman's mother's home. apparently to ask more questions. the fbi is now dissecting her life, monday the 30-year-old was seen at the home she shared with her husband and their 3-year-old son. >> she was super sweet. super sweet and a fantastic mother. >> reporter: but was she hiding something? how much did noor salman know about her husband's radical beliefs? he had been under intensive fbi investigation and under surveillance for ten months. the owner of the gun that sold him the gun suggested he was frustrated noven of this information was available to him. would you have liked to have known the fbi was investigating him. >> for terrorism, it would be
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fantastic. he wouldn't have gotten the gun. >> reporter: if the killer's wife did know about this horrific plot before it took place sources say she likely will face charges. they want to send a clear message, if someone knows someone is planning a massacre, you must turn them in, period. george. >> no question about that. pierre thomas, thanks very much. the survivors of that terrorist attack are speaking out about how they made it through those terrifying moments as we are learning new details mr. what happened in that nightclub in those several hours and gio benitez has that. >> reporter: good morning to you. survivors are still here recovering at the hospital. this as we learn the shooter made a second phone call. this morning, new details about that moment of crisis. as more than 20 huddled in one of pulse's bathrooms we now know the shooter in the midst of the chaos made more than one phone call. to 911 to pledge his allegiance to isis and this man says to him, an employee of a
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station. >> he said, i'm the shooter. it's me. i'm the shooter. and i didn't know what to say. at the time i didn't know what he was saying. he was speaking so fast. >> reporter: just 72 hours since the attack, we're hearing from survivors describing the harrowing moments when they crossed paths with the killer. >> he like tilted over and kind of like looked at me but i guess he must have thought i died with my eyes open and i just kind of kept staring at him. from then i thought in my mind he was going to shoot me in my face. >> reporter: 20-year-old tiara parker was at pulse with her cousin kira murray who she says tried to negotiate with the shooter. >> stop, we're hurt. we're already hit like don't -- like please leave us alone. >> reporter: kye ra never made it out alive. ♪ their friend patience carter speaking to the press tuesday overcome with emotion. thanking the person who shielded her from more bullets. >> if it wasn't for that person shielding me it would have been me
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sitting here today to talk about it. >> reporter: others thanking the doctors who saved their lives. >> if wasn't for you guys i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: an open letter to the shooter going viral written by a survivor who says omar mateen failed to kill love. >> no matter how many deaths, no matter what happens, you cannot kill love. you can't. >> reporter: and back here live at the hospital, we can tell you 22 patients are still here, four of them are in critical condition but the good news, amy, they are improving. >> that is certainly good news, indeed. gio, thank you. the orlando terrorist attack is sparking a war of words now between president obama and donald trump. the president unleashing his toughest attack yet on trump and abc's jon karl is in greensboro, north carolina, where trump responded overnight. good morning to you, jon. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this was president obama's most aggressive attempt yet to use the bully pulpit to take down donald tmp
7:14 am
discredit his ideas on fighting terrorism. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from emigrating to america. this is a country founded on basic freedoms including freedom of religion. we don't have religious tests here. >> reporter: point by point the president labels trump's ideas on america. >> if we fall into the trap of painting all muslims with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an entire religion, then we are doing the terrorists' work for them. >> reporter: as for trump's criticism about how president obama describes terrorism. >> he still doesn't even use the word of radical islamic terror. >> there's no magic to the phrase "radical islam." it's a political talking point. it's not a strategy. not once has an adviser of mine said, man, if we
7:15 am
phrase, we're going to turn this whole thing around. not once. >> reporter: and he went on. >> they know full well who the enemy is. so do the intelligence and law enforcement officers who spent countless hours disrupting plots.
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7:17 am
dangerous and that is the debate in the course of this but donald trump is in a difficult position as we know. the polls have just recently came out show donald trump with a 70% unfavorable rating. nobody has ever gotten elected president of the united states with a 70% -- >> that's the newest abc news/"washington post" poll and bloomberg shows hillary clinton opening up a double-digit lead and 55% of voters saying they'll never back trump. >> this is the problem with donald trump. hillary clinton has consolidated the democrats and moving into independents it looks like in the course of this. obviously this race is very volatile but donald trump can't run a negative campaign when 55% of the voters say they will never consider voting for him. in order to win he has to figure out a way to lower that number and the only way to lower it is with some positive message which right now he doesn't seem capable of giving in the course of this. >> of course, as you pointed out
7:18 am
last night democratic primaries officially closed. washington, d.c., the last one, big win for hillary clinton there then she had that peacemaking meeting with bernie sanders afterwards. both sides coming out saying it was a positive meeting and if they come together, that could also boost her. >> well, and she needs that to come together because a big part of bernie's support is the voters under 30 years old. i don't think a lot of them will go to donald trump. she needs their enthusiasm and having bernie at her side will create that. >> okay, matthew dowd, thanks very much. all right, and we have some weather headlines to get to now and ginger has more on tornadoes and flooding in the midwest and those storms moving east, ginger. >> to big populated areas so you could be seeing this later in the areas that i'll show you. mankato, minnesota, 6 to 7 inches and look at this tornado, 1 of 15 reported of the 111 severe storm reports just in the last 24 hours, a quick look at where it's going north of memphis up to columbus, ohio.
7:19 am
chance of t-showers late. highs in the low to mid 80s. tonight, t-showers likely otherwise cloudy with lows in the 60s. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers possible. highs near 80. rain most likely in the morning on friday, giving way to sunshine and nice temperatures in the low 80s both days. heating up early next.
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coming up on "gma" the latest on that alligator attack at a disney world resort. one of top animal experts we'll talk to live. the conflicted killer married twice with a history of visiting gay bars. hutch more when we come back.
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>> reporter: clouds, a few sprinkles across the region early this morning. it will give way to peeks of sunshine by the middle of the day. isolated shower or thundershower possible late this afternoon, more likely the evening hours after temperatures reach the lower 80s this afternoon. rain likely for thursday and friday, especially in the morning on friday. we may try out by late in the day. the weekend looking absolutely beautiful. sunshine lower 80s, heating up next week. >> reporter: on the commute, we're clearing accident on the capital beltway inner loop dulles toll road. reports of a crash on the outer loop just after you pass connecticut avenue headed to i270, inner loop and outer loop delays through mongomery county. in th
7:24 am
on interstate 66, begleys
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>> anchor: good morning washington. i'm melanie hastings. check of your top stories. dc police are on the hunt for a couple armed thieves after a rash of armed robberies early this morning. 7 people were robbed in a five hour span across northeast and northwest. the first happened around midnight on second and e streets northwest. the latest less than three hours ago on columnia road. dc please on the lookout for agria our silver sedan. two people were shot in southwest. the call on first street came in just after midnight. right now we don't know how badly those two people are hurt or if this is related to the rash of robberies. we'll update as we learn more. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
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back to good morning
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aquafina sparkling. for happy bodies. you are looking at the urgent search effort overnight for that 2-year-old boy who was taken by an alligator at disney's grand floridian resort. more on that in a moment. also right now investigators are focusing on the orlando shooter's wife trying to determine what she knew about the terrorist attack. she is now facing possible criminal charges and we have new details about the gunman's secret life. that is coming up. overnight a 15 reported tornadoes tearing through four states. this one in south dakota and now more severe weather is moving east. millions in the bull's-eye from detroit all the way to nashville this morning. and also overnight, beyonce sharing a moving tribute for the victims of the orlando attack and we're going to take you inside that performance which is making headlines all around the country and that's coming up. >> she sang her song
7:31 am
there were so many angels in that club that night and in the hospitals in the aftermath. >> what a tribute that was. first the latest on that alligator attack at disney world. back to abc's lauren lyster in orlando. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, george. an estimated 52 million visit orlando every year, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but with all eyes on disney world this morning, there is real concern about the threat alligators pose everywhere. as more than 50 emergency personnel search this disney world lagoon for any sign of the 2-year-old boy ripped away from his father by an alligator during a summer vacation at the grand floridian resort questions about the dangers posed by them. >> we have them in all fresh water across florida. >> reporter: they've lived there for centuries. but in recent years as the orange state experiences tremendous population growth, gators are turning up everywhere. on doorsteps, in pools. even shopping centers.
7:32 am
>> there's a lady that just got attacked by an alligator. >> reporter: rachel lillien that will was swimming here when a gator suddenly clamped down on her arm. >> it rolled me around and at that point i realized, okay, you're not getting out of this and i needed to call for help. >> reporter: fortunately two nearby kayakers beat back the gator with a paddle. the gator took her arm and part of this bathing suit but spared her life. doug brown felt lucky to be alive after a gator tried to pull him into the water. his mother watching on in horror. >> i was thinking, oh, my god, you know, got my son. >> reporter: summoning all his courage the 45-year-old managed to pull his hand out of the gator's grip. >> i was going for a swim. >> reporter: the florida fish and wildlife commission says there are seven unprovoked gator bites a year requiring medical attention but overall the odds of getting attacked is only about 1 in 2.5 million. we don't know how many gator are in the seven seas lagoon home to
7:33 am
popular resorts but according to the wildlife commission they work with disney all the time to remove gators and have a close relationship. >> thanks so much. joining us with more information, ron magill, a wildlife expert and communications director for zoom miami. thanks for being with us, ron. >> my pleasure, amy. >> we saw how rare attacks like that are. but what could have caused an alligator unprovoked to go after a 2-year-old. >> well, a 2-year-old, you know, the alligator is not look at it as a human being, a dog, a small raccoon. the child was in the water. alligators are not intelligent but instinctive and ambush predators so something small in the water looks at it as food. alligators have come out of the breeding season. males have traveled around all different bodies of water so it doesn't surprise me that the alligators are there and this child was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, tremendously tragic. >> ron, the father wrestled with the gator and how strong are the gators and did the father even
7:34 am
>> well, you always have a chance. i don't know how large this gator was. my suspicion is it's probably over eight feet long. you always have a chance. i mean i know if it was my son i would have done the same thing but it's very difficult and these animals are very powerful, incredibly powerful. there is no way you'll open the jaws of that gator and get the child out of the gator's jaws but, you know you might be able adistract the gator and it is impossible to open the jaws of an alligator. >> it was movie night there at the grand floridian. did the time of day play a role at all in the alligator's attack? >> well, certainly they're more active and they can, you know, be more of an ambush predator but these animals are basically ambush predators waiting for something to come down to the water. when they see movement they're looking at it as something that is an animal in distress, easy prey is what they're going after. >> look, i was a reporter in south carolina. we were always running to the scene of an allig
7:35 am
know they're prevalent in the south but just give us a sense of how often they attack and are they typically aggressive? >> they're not typically aggressive. there's well over a million alligators in the state of florida alone and the bottom line is all the canals and lake, it's like a freeway system for them in florida it's not uncommon to see them hit on major expressways. uncommon that they attack humans. it's illegal to feed them. they get drawn to humans that way. if you approach an alligator in the wild it's going to go away from you but at nighttime a smile child. the alligator can't decipher between that and its normal food source is where it becomes a problem and the problem where people tend to feed the animals. disney does a good job of trying to clear the waterways of these animals but always have to assume that there could be an alligator in any waterway in florida in that's important. always assume there could be an alligator in any waterway there.
7:36 am
anything that we as parents can do to protect our children when we're near water in florida? i mean, it's everywhere in florida. >> it's everywhere in florida. that's exactly right. now it's the nesting season. you have to be careful. it's rare an alligator will come out of the water and go after a human being but now they have nests and females are protective of nests and usually nest close to the water. now during the next month or two you have to be especially vigilant. don't let your children or small pets walk along waterways by themselves because female alligators can be aggressive at this time. a couple of months ago it was the males going to people's homes searching for females everywhere. >> ron, i have one more question. if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation under attack, is there anything you should do? what suggestion do you give someone? >> you know, it's so hard to say. a panic situation. the tip of the snout and eye, if you can jab a finger in their eyes or pop them on the snout
7:37 am
that might be able to get them to release you. the thing you want to try to stop them from doing is turning. they grab and start rolling to try to break off pieces to eat and that's the key thing. you have to hold on as hard as you can try to poke your figures in the eyes. easier said than done but that's the best chance you have. >> all right, ron magill, we certainly appreciate it. you just put yourself in that father's place in those moments, panic and terror. it's just unimaginable. >> we also learn they're so prevalent all across the state. >> it's a warning to everyone out there. >> absolutely. coming up next on "good morning america," we have new clues now about that orlando shooter and his secret life. reports the twice married father frequented gay bars. what we are learning about his motivation this morning. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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7:40 am
professing allegiance to islamic groups that condemn homosexuality. brian ross here with more on that. good morning, brian. >> good morning, george. omar mateen wled a life of disarray, disappointment and deceit. a secret life that fbi agents this morning say could be a key to the investigation of what led to that horrible night in orlando. omar mateen wanted to be a police officer and protect people. yet he died at the hands of police after taking 49 innocent lives. [ sirens ] >> reporter: mateen told friends how much he loved women. yet he beat and abused his first wife. >> this was a sick person that was really confused. >> reporter: and mateen told his family how he hated the sight of gays. yet, it is now clear he was attracted to gay men and gay nightclubs including the very place he would target for his suicide attack, the pulse for employees and patrons said he
7:41 am
cheering on the performers in drag. >> there's actually one of the dancers too they said he was one of his regular fans and they used to see him there in the audience from the stage area. >> reporter: mateen's ex-wife told abc 234us he told her he often frequented nightclubs without saying they were gay nightclubs. >> could i say he was gay? >> reporter: she struggled with my question. >> i at this point i think he might have been. maybe he wasn't able to be honest about it at all to anybody because of the family and the culture that he's from. >> reporter: mateen's interest in gay men goes back at least ten years, according to a former classmate from a 2006 law enforcement training course who did not want his face shown. >> he asked me if i was gay and because i wasn't out at the time, i told him, no, i'm not, and he
7:42 am
you would definitely be my type of guy. >> reporter: yet somehow mateen, a muslim was drawn to isis which preaches that homosexuality is punishable by death. there's no indication that isis had anything to do with this attack other than later praising it and perhaps the final contradiction to mateen's life was that he couldn't even decide which terror group he wanted to be part of claiming he was with al qaeda, hezbollah and then isis. three terror groups that are, in fact, bitter rivals, george. >> brian, so much to sort through. one of the leading forensic si h psychiatri psychiatrists, dr. michael welner. what kind of portrait are you putting together. >> what's undeniable. first of all it's a mass killing and mass killing in america has a distinctistic quality that it's either vanity or it's ideology and the simple answer is vanity mass killing is done alone.
7:43 am
with a co-conspirator. his wife was a co-conspirator. there may be more co-conspirators -- >> excuse me. she said she tried to stop him. you don't buy that? she's speaking to investigators. she's implicated in a mass killing. i would expect her to communicate the way any suspect would, which is to portray herself in a paverable light. she was casing with disney with him about two months ago. she was aware -- she was involved. she was participating. she easily could have stopped him. there's no trail of people, there's no referral to mental health service, there's no engagement of his employment to take his weapons away from him. she could have saved -- now she may not be the only co-conspirator but to answer your answer concisely, ideological mass killings differ from vanity mass killings when you have a co-conspirator. >> we know they went to disney world. we're not positive they were casing it right there but we're learning this has echoes of san bernardino, you had the husband and wife there but you've also got this other
7:44 am
where you learn this is a man who seems to be at war with himself at some level, attracted to homosexuality at some level. go into these clubs yet also at some level hating it. >> not necessarily, just to complete the earlier point, mass killing is a spectacle crime in america. and the idea of spectacle when it attaches to ideology is the killer tells you what his motivation is. he has unambiguously said he was targeting americans that he was targeting america, that he was allied with islamist supremists whether through isis or whether he was sympathetic to hezbollah, the point being that he identified himself as antagonistic. >> against rather than what he was before. they're rivals the different groups he claimed allegiance to. >> they have one common thread which is that they support terrorist attacks on america whether we happen to give money to iran to fund it or
7:45 am
they act in separate ways but they're not above collaborating against the great satan, putting that aside to address your point, the goal of spectacle is to kill as many people as possible. consider san bernardino, you think the killers had a problem with the health department. no, it was the opportunity of understanding that he had access to all of those people in an enclosed space. so to the viewers who worry about what keeps them at risk, the reason a person is at risk in an in an enclosed space where there are no defenses, where no one is armed is because many people can be killed if a short period of time. look, i examine the james holmes case. he no problem with the theater. he had no issue with "batman," it was about finding a place where he could have people captive and -- >> nothing to do with the fact it was a gay bar. >> no, i think the influences may have been subtle and may have everything to do with the
7:46 am
sexual conflicts and the reason that he may have brought shame to his father who is a taliban devotee in islam, a person who is a martyr, during ramadan achieves absolute forgiveness. this was a mass killing that took place in ramadan and it didn't coincide with crisis which for people who carry out vanity mass killings, it happens at a time in their life where they're in crisis, there's to event at the time. so i think there are two quick points about the gay issue. first of all, the idea of conflicted homosexual especially in afghanistan -- among afghani men is prevalent. thought a unique situation. secondly the idea of having a space where one has access to and can identify potential victims, that's something that has to be explored. it's a place he freaked. it's a place he knew he could kill many meme. >> okay, michael welner, thanks very much. over to michael and amy. >> all right, george, coming up next here in two minutes, beyonce's powerful tribute to the orlando
7:47 am
stepping in to help so many flying across the country and bringing people together. ava, your bike is fixed. thanks mom! ♪ dad to captain ava: don't go too far! remember when we were children, and we believed any dream was possible? was it because there was always someone there protecting us? giving us the confidence to believe. at american family insurance, we'd like to be there protecting you, and the dreams you pursue, today. insure carefully, dream fearlessly. cleans so well, it keeps your underwear cleaner. so could wear them a second day. charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray
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7:49 am
>> this next song is about love. i'd like to dedicate it to all family members that had family that lost their lives in florida. ♪ everywhere i'm looking now >> there's beyonce giving an emotional tribute to the orlando victims and their families last night singing "halo." and so much additional support arriving for the people of orlando in the form of comfort dogs. nearly a dozen pup as riving with the chicago base organization canine comfort dogs wearing their signature blue signs which read, please pet me. luna mendez who lost two of her friends in a nightclub called it the best thing and said it's helping bring people together. >> every piece of comfort you can find i
7:50 am
moments is so important. >> absolutely. coming up next, oprah and the first lady teaming up for a candid conversation about women in the workplace. their major challenge to men this morning when we come back. >> make you fold or make you crumble, you've been here.
7:51 am
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. back here on "gma," some snow in june. in the cascades so, yes, this happens but four to eight inches and really cool in the pacific northwest. you jump the jet stream and look what's going to happen this weekend from the winter storm watch up there t
7:54 am
heat watch, anaheim to tucson, phoenix could get close to 120. that's right. all the heat building as we go
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> reporter: clouds, a few sprinkles across the region early this morning. it will give way to peeks of sunshine by the middle of the day. isolated shower or thundershower possible late this afternoon, more likely the evening hours after temperatures reach the lower 80s this afternoon. rain likely for thursday and friday, especially in the morning on friday. we may try out by late in the day. the weekend looking absolutely beautiful. sunshine lower 80s, heating up next week. >> reporter: we have major ovstructions on the capital beltway. first starting in forestville, outer loop crash just after pennsylvania avenue. as you continue toward mongomery county, a solid delay. due to the fact we have a crash after university boulevard on the outer loop. and yet ear crash as you get closer to
7:57 am
one lane. we had all all lanes closed on the capital beltway. making a drive on southbound i270, that are be a slow stretch, too. trying to connecticut with those delays from the earlier accident activity. back to you. >> anchor: speaking of traffic, gw parkway is back open after a deadly bus crash yesterday afternoon. police say a shuttle bus and car hit head on, one perspective was killed. and 15 others hospitalized. 3 people are in critical condition. nearby drivers aided victims, that likely saved lives it was a night of up sets for primaries, 3 incumbents falling to new opponents. this is a come back for gray trying to break back into city pictures after being cleared in a corruption probe.
7:58 am
robert white meet at large council member vincent orange. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. now back to good morning america.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking overnight tragedy at disney world. a desperate search are to the 2-year-old boy dragged underwater at a resort hotel by an alligator. his father frantically tries to save him. recovery team with a massive effort right now. also this morning, unsung heroes. inside the orlando trauma center. >> i will tell you we have the best nurses in the world. there is no question in my mind. [ applause ] >> dr. ashton with the nurses racing to save so many lives after the orlando attacks. oprah and the first lady. michelle obama in a candid conversation about having it all. why she said women need to stop trying and start compromising. >> you're beating yourself up. >> right. >> and feeling less than because you aren't
8:01 am
because it is -- it's a ridiculous aspiration. >> her advice for every man listening. ♪ you're going to hear me roar top secret surprise. kevin hart and dwayne "the rock" johnson on a mission and amy is along for the ride. [ cheers and applause ] >> their message and how they're spreading the love. the moment that will have you cheering along with an entire high school. all ahead this morning as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and good morning, america. we have that nice crowd outside there in times square this morning on this wednesday morning. a lot to get to. >> including a move that is sparking a lot of conversation about body image and body shaming. take a look at this ad. it made waves when it went up. well, now it's being banned in at least one major
8:02 am
we'll get into that discussion. >> we have a little lighter story for you. what happens when the rock and kevin hart team up? well, ships get a little crazy and amy headed out on a top secret mission with them. a big surprise for a stunned group of high school students of you can see their reaction. >> even the rock gets a little scared. >> every time i see you i get excited like that. >> every single morning, right. you'll get over that. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, guys. the latest now on that frantic search for a two-year-old boy dragged underwater at disney world. it happened in front of his horrified parents who tried to wrestle the child away from the gator's grip. abc's lauren lyster joins us with the latest on that search effort. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. right now at least 50 emergency personnel are here at disney's grand floridian resort searching that lagoon for the 2-year-old boy who was snatched from the shore in a
8:03 am
that gator last night. the alligator described as up to seven feet long earlier this morning an officer from the sheriff's department described to george how the boy's father tried to wrestle with the alligator, trying to pry his son free but the alligator was just too strong. >> the father heard what he heard was like some sort of splash. didn't though what was going on. looked over and saw the incident. ran over to try to give aid, to try to wrestle the child from the alligator and was unsuccessful so i can only imagine, i'm with you on that one, george. ki only imagine the trauma he must have been going through to try to wrestle this child, his child, his 2-year-old child from this alligator. >> reporter: the boy's mother also reunion into the water to try to help. the beach did have clear no swimming signs but it didn't have any alligator warnings. dive teams, helicopters, also an alligator trapper is on scene and disney officials expressed their condolences to the family saying they're doing everything possible to help in the search. amy, back to you. >> all right, lauren and, again, our hearts go out to thatam
8:04 am
nightclub attack of the investigation now focusing on the shooter's wife. sources say before the attack, she went with her husband to buy ammunition and went to the pulse nightclub at least once recently and abc news learned mateen has claimed she tried to talk her husband out of harming anyone. what remains unclear whether or not she knew or believed an attack was coming. sources say no final decision has been made on whether to charge her. turning to politics now and a new challenge for donald trump. our new poll shows his favorability rating has taken a major hit dropping ten points in the last month. 70% of americans now view trump unfavorably. a separate poll shows hillary clinton opening a double-digit lead over trump even though her unfavorability ratings have hit a new high as well. the california judge accused of letting a stanford university swimmer off the hook with a lenient sentence has been removed from a new sex assault case. judge aaron persky came under fi
8:05 am
just three to six months behind bars for assaulting a woman after she passed out from drinking. in a rare move the district attorney has now pulled that judge off a new case saying he lacked confidence that persky would be fair. well, after a warning that coffee could possibly cause cancer the world health organization is changing its stance. the agency is now saying there is no conclusive evidence that coffee is a possible carcinogen but research does suggest drinking any beverage hotter than 149 degrees could cause cancer of the esophagus. finally in case you're at the breakfast table how would you like to try some 2,000-year-old butter? take a look at it. you may change your mind if you were thinking about saying yes because it is caked in a bit of dirt because it was discovered actually in a swampy bog in ireland. they say it smells like a strong cheese. is somewhat crumbly. anyone changing their mind. still want to try that? i love how t
8:06 am
edible. the phrase was it's theoretically edible because it was preserved by the cold soil which acts like a refrigerator. ancient butter experts believe that it was an offering to the gods. i just think it's funny there's such as an ancient butter expert. >> butter not cheese. i can't believe it's butter either. >> couldn't help it. >> save us, jesse. >> it's time for "pop news," guys. start getting excited. the us women, the white house hosting a day-long summit on women's issues yesterday and the highlight of the day was u.s. first lady michelle obama sitting down with oprah winfrey to issue a challenge to men in the workplace who surround themselves with men. >> it's just you and a bunch of men around a table on a golf course, making deals and you allow that to happen and you're okay with that. be better. be better. >> be better. >> be better. >> be
8:07 am
yesterday's summit. sounds like something she said to her husband once. >> i have no idea what it's like to be surrounded by men at a table, just saying. >> pretty unusual here, right? >> it is. >> seriously. >> fantastic summit. it featured speeches from president barack obama, comedian amy poehler and tennis legend builtly jean king and i think her challenge to men was be a better father to your children, really try to show an example. ow to be a good father, how to be a good man. not good enough to come home and baby-sit. >> inclusion too. include everybody. >> it's good advice from michelle obama. we go from the united states women to a couple of high-profile dads now getting together for facebook's first ever q&a on facebook live and, of course, we're talking about facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and a surprise guest, comedian jerry seinfeld got with him as well but things got a little awkward when seinfeld seemed bored about talking about facebook's features so he decided to turn the conversation to
8:08 am
personal detail about zuckerberg himself. >> somebody told me that you're going to run 365 -- >> yeah. >> -- days or hours. >> run 365 miles so an average of one mile a day and then the other one is to build -- >> that is not a challenge if yeah, i know. >> a mile a day. >> i know. [ laughter ] good point. >> by the way zuckerberg confirmed to seinfeld the first thing he really does when he gets up in the morning obviously is check facebook. >> yeah. >> good for business. by the way apparently that "q" and "a" a got 5.1 million views so something maybe zuckerberg might want to put in the rotation. michael strahan numbers. >> what are you talking about? i was one of the viewers. >> added to those numbers. all right, guys, america, get set. my favorite video of the week. finally if you got it, you've got to flaunt it. like this well dressed driver right here. check this out. got a little kid in a toy car an
8:09 am
this little stylish dog is a pug named pan and has 30,000 instagram viewers. it rolled up in a raiders shirt and mercedes. >> i actually didn't know what i was looking at. >> i like how she never looks, just leave her in the dust. >> the kid is going he got the real car? >> i hope that's a remote control carment a lot of people with money out there. amy and lara think their dog can talk. now he think they can drive too. >> there's nothing dogs can't do. >> that is your "pop news." >> thank you, jesse. all right, thank you, jesse. now here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the unsung heroes in orlando, nurses stepping in to save so many lives. a major thank you this morning to all of them. and how one mayor is fighting back against body shaming after ads like this. we'll tell you what he's doing about it. plus, kevin hart and dwayne "the rock" johnson are teaming up for a top secret mission with a ma
8:10 am
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8:14 am
♪ just one of the many powerful touching vigils that have happened in orlando since the attack. this one from overnight and we are back now with the stories of bravery and kindness coming out that tragedy. many from the orlando regional medical center where nurses have been working around the clock helping patients heal physically and emotionally and dr. jennifer ashton has more on these often unsung heroes. >> tearful reunions, dramatic
8:15 am
revelations from that night of horror in orlando's biggest emergency room, the trauma team's leaders still raw with emotion. >> i was walking out of the hospital and walking out i saw team members walking in to work crying and i just -- i just couldn't express how -- it's hard to describe how you feel. >> reporter: a trying time for this level one trauma center, nurses included. dr. cheatam can you talk about the expertise of the trauma nurse, surgical nurses and the emergency room nurses in this case? >> i will tell you we have the best nurses in the world. there is no question in my mind. [ applause ] >> reporter: shot in the leg three types and left to die angel colon was reunited with his nurse, megan nobile. >> my second patient because i got the call at 3 a.m. and came ri
8:16 am
and i just remember his name was angel. he w it was a very chaotic night all this as the team worked together and we were really able to do a very good job. >> i love you guys. [ laughter ] >> there were a lot of hugs. >> a lot of hugs. >> reporter: but the emotion never got the best of them. >> the whole night was a little bit scary but you are to put that aside. you can't be scared because your patients are scared. >> reporter: you saved a lot of lives. what did you say when you finally left the hospital after saving so many lives that night? >> so glad that we could help as many as we could. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton, abc news, orlando. >> you know, those nurses and those doctors truly are heroes. i got back last night and i felt the trauma of just hearing those victims' stories. i can't even imagine being tasked with, "a," saving their lives and hearing tear emotion
8:17 am
their lives and they were there around the clock, got called in at 3:00 in the morning and it was -- it's continues to be such a powerful scene. a life and death struggle going on at that hospital. >> called in the middle of the night, working 24, 36 hours trait in so many different capacities. >> thank god for them. >> they deserve recognition not just in orlando but around the united states every night saving live, these nurses. >> definitely angels. kevin hart and dwayne "the rock" johnson team up with a major mission and share an important message. look at those kids run. ♪ it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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8:19 am
britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
8:20 am
♪ mmmm...yoplait. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
8:21 am
in or out or what? >> no time for questions. just action. in or out. >> then i'm out. >> that's dwayne "the rock" johnson and kevin hart in "central intelligence" and they went on a top secret mission also even though kevin hart was out there they let you in on this mission. >> yeah, i know. i'm extremely lucky. i was in the covert mission. they have a big superstar surprise and a special message for some unsuspecting teens and, yes, i got to be a witness to it all. take a look. >>
8:22 am
>> what happens when the kid who is publicly humiliated in high school. >> here. >> turns into this. >> spoiler alert. i'm in the cia. >> dwayne johnson and kevin hart teaming up in the action-packed comedy "central intelligence." the film sending a powerful anti-bullying message. >> i don't like bullies. >> we need one star, we need amy robach. >> oh! >> i joined dwayne and kevin on a top secret mission to share that story firsthand with 275 unsuspecting teenagers at landmark high school in new york city. wow, so i'm so excited you guys let me come along on your "central intelligence" mission here. >> it's a big deal. >> having a very big pep rally. >> have no idea you are here. >> they have no idea. a lot of the students have been challenged in many, many way, right, coming up hard, seeing hard times, kevin and i are no stranger to that. >> are you ready. >> i'm ready. >> are you? >> i am so ready.
8:23 am
>> can i get a drum roll, please. >> that pep rally all part of our ruiz. >> the drum roll. >> yeah and a marching band. [ cheers and applause ] >> landmark high! [ cheers and applause ] >> who here has been bullied before? >> a message to everybody here is be brave. if you are a person who's been bullied we encourage you to speak up. tell people what's going on. >> regardless of your challenges, you can overcome them and you can become great. push yourself to greatness. >> reporter: their message resonating with the students. >> a round of applause. >> reporter: i call that mission complete. >> thank you, landmark high.
8:24 am
remember what we told you. >> landmark, thank you for listening to me and my positive messages and "gma" or shall i say family. >> they were so great to do that and to be there for their kids and that message is going to continue because it lives on in all their cell phones. >> a mob scene. i'm surprised you made it out. that mob scene was for amy. it wasn't for you. >> yeah. >> dwayne and kevin hart are kevin and the movie "central intelligence" which i cannot wait to see his theaters on friday. now we go outside to get more weather with ginger. >> thank you very much, michael. look at these bright smiles out here in times square. including ashley and kaley, right. i got that right. >> i said to them you're not twins, no. >> yes. >> oh, okay. now did you two know that it can snow in hawaii. >> no. >> no. >> look at this picture. it did snow in hawaii. see that right up there. just a little bit on top of the mountain and this does happen, it happened last july but it's relatively rare. you want to know what
8:25 am
real big heat anywhere from phoenix to tucson this weekend we're having excessive heat watch that stretches all the way into southern california. the numbers get close to 120 in phoenix. i know you can see that right there. and a quick look across the nation. a lot of heat for dallas, kansas city, you two are from where. >> both: south carolina. [ cheers and applause ] chance of t-showers late. highs in the low to mid 80s. tonight, t-showers likely otherwise cloudy with lows in the 60s. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers possible. highs near 80. rain most likely in the morning on friday, giving way to sunshine and nice temperatures in the low 80s both days. heating up early next. >> all right. coming up, that move to ban body shaming after ads
8:26 am
a major city is it now responding.
8:27 am
>> anchor: bring yourbler this morning. here is jacqui jeras. your umbrella. >> reporter: clouds, a few sprinkles across the region early this morning. it will give way to peeks of sunshine by the middle of the day. isolated shower or thundershower possible late this afternoon, more likely the evening hours after temperatures reach the lower 80s this afternoon. rain likely for thursday and friday, especially in the morning on friday. we may dry out by late in the day. the weekend looking absolutely beautiful. sunshine lower 80s, heating up next week. >> reporter: we have some heavy drive times out there this morning, especially trying to get to the beltway on interstate 66 with metro's safe track surge in effect. we have additional delays, also dealing with a cra
8:28 am
66 closer to centerville, you may lose a lane. as you're traveling on the capital beltway, the earlier crash rehad toward i270 has cleared but we're still with massive delays all the way to green belt on outer loop. george washington parkway, southbound heavy, slow with a crash on spout run. >> anchor: thank you. now a look at top stories, dc police on the hunt for a couple armed thieves. this after a rash of armed robberies early this morning. at least 7 people were robbed in a five hour span across northeast and northwest. the first happened around midnight on second and e street northwest. the latest less than 3 hours ago on columbia road. and hillary clinton has won the final democratic primary, right here in dc by a landslide. all precincts are reporting showing clinton winning with 79% of the vote to bernie sanders, 20%. that is her biggest margin
8:29 am
victory yet. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ it's time to get the chains out ♪ ♪ i'm dangerous >> pretty fierce demi lovato right there and you can see her right here this friday. she is going to be in the park and we cannot wait for that. beautiful day here. >> yes. >> michael, you're gearing up for "pyramid". >> june 26th right here on abc part of the sunday fun and games and i need to practice, though. i need a little tune-up so i want to play with you guys a little bit later, so, ginger, you and jesse need to study. while they're studying and gearing up and getting ready we'll go inside to amy. >> all right. guy, thank you very much. before we get to all of that, a new front in the fight over body shaming. want to you take a look at this ad. it made big waves from
8:31 am
to the uk. now the city of london is banning it and ads like it. the mayor announcing on twitter that ads promoting an unhealthy body image will no longer be tolerated on the city's buses and trains and abc's lama hasan joins us now from london with the latest on that. and, lama, i know this decision by the mayor is getting a lot of reaction either way what are you hearing from londoners? >> yeah, absolutely, anticipate, london's new mayor sadiq khan tweeted this, no one's comfortab comfortable concerns should be questioned by this. a yellow bikini asking the question are you beach body ready plastered all over london. you couldn't get away from it and that ignited a firestorm. people strongly protesting it saying it was offensive. that our body image was too unrealistic and that ad was defaced hundreds of complaints and tens of thousands of signatures to remove it and that's exactly what they did. well, the london mayor is going
8:32 am
head-to-head with those ad agencies and saying that from now on from next month onwards we are not going to be seeing those ads that promote that kind of unrealistic as he says image that put pressure on young women to look a certain type. >> this is a high-profile move by a newly elected mayor, lama. is he getting any backlash for it? >> yes, he is. as you can imagine this is a divisive and a controversial topic that people are talking about. they're tweeting about it. on the one side of the argument people are saying, look, we find this motivational. we find this an inspiration to look at a woman like this. we are strong enough and independent enough not to actually be challenged by it then there are other people who are thanking him and saying, this has made a difference. so from us and our daughters we thank you, so there's all sorts of opinions on this topic. it is a very controversial topic. >> yeah, and, lama, the question who then decides going forward what is offensive and what's not? >> well, exactly, that's have ktly what people want t
8:33 am
out. is it him, no, it's not. it is a body of experts that will be looking at these ads moving forward and deciding whether or not they have a negative connotation or if they are body shaming ads and that's who will decide whether or not they should put up those ads. >> very interesting topic. one i'm sure we will hear much more from and about. lama hasan, thank you so much. and let's get another check of the weather and head outside to ginger. >> amy, thank you so much. i'm telling you this is one of the best cows we've had a long time. bright, indiana is where they're from and this group is from -- >> both: houston, texas. >> a heat advisory guess into effect. can you imagine from dallas to austin, you're included, little rock, look at some of the thumbs, the heat index will read closer to 108 in little rock. st. louis, 104 it will feel like and along that warm front you have the potential for severe storms and the cold front, milwaukee, indianapolis,
8:34 am
damaging wind and hail and an isolated tornado cannoten be ruled out, virginia, tennessee and kentucky tomorrow. of sun today, a chance of t-showers late. highs in the low to mid 80s. tonight, t-showers likely otherwise cloudy with lows in the 60s. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with showers possible. highs near 80. rain most likely in the morning on friday, giving way to sunshine and nice temperatures in the low 80s both days. heating up [ cheers and applause ] somebody turning 15. this weather brought to you by boost. george. >> we're going to turn to the tech tycoon making waves because he's a teen. ben pasternak 16 behind flogged and abc's rebecca jarvis learned his secret to success and some perks of being an internet celebrity. good morning, rebecca. >> there are a few perks there. that's right. while most 16-year-olds are worried about when they might find a prom date or how to prep for the s.a.t.s, ben pasternak is thinking of a few other
8:35 am
public with his multimillion dollar company. you know, normal teenage drama. >> a lot of freedom but this ceo still has to report to his m-o-m. does he have a curfew of the weekend. >> i have a bit of curfew during the week. >> reporter: his morning routine seems pretty normal. but he's anything but ordinary. >> hey, guys my name is ben pasternak. the ceo of flug. >> he is a tech tycoon. >> this is lots of bugs we had before we launched of the his. >> reporter: brainchild is a new app called flog. which makes buying and selling items within your social network as simple as swiping right. think tinder meets ebay. he has already locked down enough seed money he dropped out of high school and left his home in australia including his parents to move to new york city, hoping to become his generation's mark zuckerberg and he had a little bit of
8:36 am
headtart and became a youtube celebrity at just 11 years old with these unboxing videos. >> right now i am recording with the front facing camera. >> reporter: being ceo at 16 has already made ben a bit of a celebrity. >> i was in bed one morning and like my phone buzzed and, boom, justin bieber is now following me on twitter. unfortunately i don't follow him back but he follows me. >> there are some other perks. he lives alone which means a lot of freedom. but this ceo still has to report to his m-o-movement. does he have a curfew on the weekend. >> i have a bit of a curfew during the week so the curfew is supposed to be 8:00. >> among all the adults, his chief employee, this 30-year-old. what's the most 16-year-old thing he's done since you guys have -- >> so much. >> he forgets to eat. >> reporter: truth is most apps fail. but ben has a lot of confidence that he can build
8:37 am
next billion dollar empire. in the grand scheme of things how big of an idea is flogg versus facebook or instagram? >> i wouldn't even compare it to facebook or instagram. i would compare it to amazon or jet. >> how do you stay humble in all this? it's a lot for someone as young as you. >> i mean like everyone is like going hyped up like at what i've achieved. for me i feel like i'm just getting started so i don't feel anything to brag about or whatever it is. >> do you ever think about wanting to be more like mark, mark zuckerberg? >> not really. i mean like he's too smart. >> so he's still pretty humble but i can't imagine living 10,000 mile as from home at 16. >> it's pretty incredible to think about. most kids probably wouldn't be doing something like this but he has remained humble. i spent the whole day with his parents. it's important that he remains humble. they still have rules. he still have a curfew set for him. he calls his mom every 20 minute
8:38 am
question whether entrepreneurs are born or made and comes from great-grandfather, great-grandfather, both successful businessmen but also took matters into his own hands. >> and started so young so it does beg that question, george, how much of this is part of your lineage, how much is part of the entrepreneurial spirit being born in a home. i think if parents are encouraging of this and his parents have been encouraging i think their children are probably more inclined to do it and obviously he has some great role models right there. >> i guess is there anything normal about his life right now? >> i think the own will i normal thing he went to prom and has a girlfriend because they have family friends in new jersey who have really taken him in and, yeah, he's having a great time doing that part of his life. >> is there any oversight by his parents or hisly with all that money. >> they are. one thing that's really important to them, they want him to go to school so they're having him save that money and, of course, right now it's still money on paper. he -- until they sell that company, until it goes public it's not really his money. >> the one thing we want to
8:39 am
neither one of us has met a 16-year-old who forgets to eat. >> i know. well, he did. he did eat with us. he enjoyed central cereal and some pasta, so -- >> very 16. >> exactly. >> that was great, rebecca. thanks very much. coming up get ready to play "pyramid". the hot vet of instagram he is being called. dr. evan will open up on
8:40 am
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you sit on a -- >> bench. >> you go back and forth. >> swing. >> a rocker. a rock. rocking chair. >> yes. >> and when you're dead you're laying this a -- >> coffin. >> ah. >> we didn't get it. >> you didn't get it. >> can we go to the videotape? >> no e. we're not going to videotape. i tell you didn't get it, robin. >> she came back and said that that was so stressful to her. i remember that watching her. >> oh, yeah. >> she was -- she is very competitive. i think she was so upset she didn't do as well as she thought she would have. it's a competitive game and excited we'll play right now our "gma" version of the game. >> i want to ask. this is your first time hosting and anco
8:43 am
by dick clark. big shoes to fill. how do you feel about the role? >> i -- now that you said that i'm scared to death. >> very big feet so -- >> i have very big feet but dick clark, what a legend and in our business and it was fun. i had fun with it. i can see why he did the show for so long. >> you're the perfect person to do it. >> and you too. you too. you're trying to butter me up. it doesn't help. you better know the game. we'll have a little competition. jesse and amy. >> team cash money. >> cash money. >> like $100,000 money. >> you and jesse and you and t.j. the name of your team? >> winners. >> that's original. >> winners, you're up first. t.j., you're going to give the clue clues, t.j. you're going to give the clues. you have 30 seconds to get all seven right. ready, set, i got to get a category first.
8:44 am
>> minus one point. >> these are all things you might use in the morning. >> in the morning? >> all things you might use in the morning. 30 seconds on the clock. ready, go. >> all right, you hit, you hit it. it wakes you up. >> alarm clock. >> there you go. you do this -- from brush yore tooth. >> what do you use. >> toothbrush. >> you sit in and take a -- >> shower. >> put this under your dark. >> deodorant in you need to get your hair -- blow dry. >> there it is. we're on what right now. >> tv. >> dang gone right. what's this stuff -- >> makeup. >> ah! >> hey. hey, t.j. was feeling so good he dropped in my sister and dropped the mike. dropped the mike. that was impressive, man. that was i believe pressive. all right. ginger, jesse, you got the gist of the game. >> which topic? >> these are things you have for
8:45 am
breakfast. >> i can do this. >> okay. >> ink goer loves food. right up her alley. you have 30 seconds on the clock. ready, go. >> okay, first thing, comes out of a chicken. >> out of a chicken? >> yes. >> eggs. >> there you go. >> this comes from a pig. >> okay, bacon. >> right. >> this comes out of -- there's a -- it's from belgium. >> waffle. >> yep. this you brew this in the morning. >> coffee. >> this comes from an orange -- like a fruit -- >> orange juice. >> oh. >> this is very famous here in new york city. >> a bagel. >> yep. finally something very, very healthy. put milk on it, brown -- >> flaxseed. oatmeal. >> you can -- hey, you can tell how healthy you are, flaxseed! >> quote of the day, it comes out of a chicken? >> wait, when you're in this game you lose your mind. >> i love it. i love it. >> you lose your mind at 30 seconds. happens really qukl
8:46 am
say the winners are the winners. there you go. >> thank you. >> t.j. and amy, taking home the title, "gma" "$100,000 pyramid." >> what do we win. >> what food comes out of a chicken. >> eggs come out of chickens. you win a congratulations and high-five. >> that's good enough. >> "$100,000 pyramid" starting june 26th. make sure you check it out and it airs sunday nights right here on abc. the game play is just as good as this, trust me. just as fun. coming up next the man being called the hot vet of instagram. we'll be right back.
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8:49 am
we are back now with one of the most popular men on instagram. his name is dr. evan. he has more than 300,000 instagram followers and perhaps you can see why. abc's nick watt explains. >> so we are scrubbed up here. >> reporter: smoelders behind that mask, muscles ripple beneath the scrubs, he's saving a bunny rabbit's life. >> grab me some lidocaine. >> reporter: i won't show you his face jaws yet. >> one person shouldn't be that good looking. not fair to the rest of us. >> reporter: do you find yourself staring at him. >> at first a little bit. >> and parents of the pets he treats. >> my pets healthy. i'm happy. when i see him, he's easy on the eyes. >> reporter: has an owner ever said to you, you know what, you're just a chippendale pretending to be a vet. >> it has, yeah. they're like, this guy is just -- it looks like a model. i want a real doctor. >> an exotic pet
8:50 am
"people" magazine's sexiest beast charmer alive closing in on 300,000 instagram followers. >> like refresh my phone and there will be like a few more hundred, a few thousand every couple minute, crazy. >> posts like this, this and this. ew, exotic. comments like this, if he's a vet, i'm an animal. this guy is literally perfection found my husband. >> marriage proposals. >> yeah, we've gotten a few of those. >> okay, let's break this down. why has his social media star ascended so? if you were an ugly veterinarian this would not have happened. >> i don't know, whatever, i mean. we see such cool stuff, maybe not. >> he started working at the conejo valley veterinary hospital in southern california three years ago. when do you get up, when do you work. you look like you go to the gym. >> thank you. getting to the gym is something i like to do on a daily basis, get out there and get some training in. >> he does. every day.
8:51 am
busy saving animals' lives. he paid his way through vet school as a fitness strainer on the side. am beginning to hate this guy but with dr. evan there's more. >> his instagram post a video of a baby and i'm like, okay, guy, animals and babies. i mean, every girl is just like drooling. >> not a dumb question. are any of the animals grateful. >> i think animals can be grateful. i had a bird come in. it had a fish hook stuck in its beak. an immediate fix and make an association to it. it's all about the association with pets. >> my wife says she needs to take our dog in for a checkup. we don't even have a dog. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> michael, you were enjoying some of those comments on instagram. >> if he's a vet, i'm an animal. i love that one. >> all right, i think we can all agree we understand why he has the 300,000 -- >> i think it's working for him. >> about to go up. >> i think he'll be okay. >> not worried about you. >> do
8:52 am
see him. you will to the get your girlfriend back. >> you take your animal to the vet. >> we have a lot more. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
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confident. >> only on -- >> "good morning america." >> presented by king's hawaiian. "good morning america" is brought to you by e-trade. don't just see opportunity, seize it. >> demi lovato, the picture of confidence. she be in the park on friday. also on friday, we are going to reveal the winners of our "gma" challenge. now we already have one entry right here. >> why are you looking at me? >> you know why. et cetera let's take a look. >> wow! ♪ >> jesse, you are all in. >> really good. >> wow. >> i got to say it's actually easy to make a it's not easy to do a good one as you -- >> that was great. >> i have to go back to the drawing board. >> no, you don't. we'll have all the winners friday. have a great day, everyone.
8:56 am
>> anchor: a few rain showers, here is jacqui jeras with the forecast. >> reporter: clouds, a few sprinkles across the region early this morning. it will give way to peeks of sunshine by
8:57 am
day. isolated shower or thundershower possible late this afternoon, more likely the evening hours after temperatures reach the lower 80s this afternoon. rain likely for thursday and friday, especially in the morning on friday. we may dry out by late in the day. the weekend looking absolutely beautiful. sunshine lower 80s, heating up next week. >> reporter: we're trying to recover from two earlier accidents on the capital beltway outer loop in silver spring. approaching i270. now we are still with the delays and we have a stalled tractor trailer as you approach new hampshire avenue. a live look on your screen, you can see traffic is slowing down even more trying to get past that. in the meantime interstate 66, slow traffic due to an earlier crash headed into centerville, going to cost extra time on the ride from manassas. back to you. >> anchor: top stories. police are searching for a couple of armed robber
8:58 am
first happened around midnight on second and e streets in northwest. the latest about 3 hours ago on columbia road. coming up at 9:30 on our sister station, news channel 8, cast member of the tone aaward winning musical kinky boots is live on set to discuss the play inspired by true events, featuring drag queens. that's on news channel 8 where you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a terrific day.
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>> it's "live! with kelly." today, from "finding dory" and "modern family," ed o'neill. "game of ys -- in thrones," michiel huisman. performing from "girl next door," brandy clark. and actor jerry o'connell returns for another day of co-hosting, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and jerry o'connell! [cheers and applause] ♪


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